Don’t Fry Day gets real

There should have been a lot more going on here, but a “minor setback” happened. To be a little more specific without burdening you with too much information, I had a small basal cell skin cancer removed this week. While it was small, it was placed just wrong. I expected to feel better after surgery than what I feel now. 

Very conveniently, Don’t Fry Friday came along. Bingo! “Use sunscreen,” the messages pound into our brains. What if sunscreen weren’t invented? What if kids actually played outside after school and all summer long? I know, it sounds strange, but an a place far, far away and long, long ago this really did happen. We wore baseball hats and put a lotion called Sea and Ski on our faces. I remember the plastic bottle with a drawing of a person skiing and a blazing sun over a beach. ‘Twas the best we had. 

I visit the dermatologist more often than I visit the dentist. I can’t say for sure, but I think the dermatology visits are preferable to the dental visits. Maybe not. But to a fair skinned, blue eyed, reddish blonde, the visits are important, and I don’t put them off. Dark skin, you say? Ha! You are subject, as well. 

The popping of wheelies will resume as soon as the stitches are out. For now, I’m feeling a bit loopy. 


2 thoughts on “Don’t Fry Day gets real

  1. I just diagnosed with bcc on my nose nhs is shut where I live referred in. March not seeing consultant till mid June there is another lump on lip not sent under the 2 week rule there is 67 day wait to be seen but I am also a wheelie as I say and seems am looked over yet able bodies get seen quicker. I am also waiting for botox into bladder been cancelled 4 times this year. Latest one was because the day was in a bank holiday week surely they knew this when date given.


    1. Margaret, the British system seems to be similar to American HMO’s. Services are limited. I wish you the best in getting this dealt with and over. I still have stitches and am not feeling too chipper. Three more days!


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