Wheeling in the rain

It’s been a long time. My first day as a wheelie out in the rain. I tried to stay dry. Plastic around my legs. Plastic bags over my shoes. A huge poncho with the hood pulled tight. I could barely move and can’t say I had a nice day.

Late in the day I saw another young man, obviously more experienced than me with a smaller, lighter chair. He wore a leather jacket, a hat, and was having fun.

He was wet; I was mostly dry. He was having fun.

My poncho era lasted one day. Today I carry a bright green LL Bean raincoat in the car. Bring it on! ☔️

The red raincoat is for cooler days, like this fall day in London.

2 thoughts on “Wheeling in the rain

  1. I got this fancy rain coat for wheelchairs it was a disaster… I could not wheel properly as it got in the way of my arms and the bottom of it kept blowing about in the wind!!! Yes just a jacket is the go now or try to avoid rain !!!


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