A visit with Dr S

An important player in the lives of wheelies is always our neurologist. Sunday afternoon Sandy and I drove 150 miles to Jacksonville. Yesterday morning we saw my neurologist. What a delightful person! We start with my list, which had three items. She addresses each one and asks me questions. Asking, not telling. Listening. Determining what is best for me. 

We inquire as to her children. She inquires about our move. It is about quality of life, and isn’t that what a good doctor really should be?


3 thoughts on “A visit with Dr S

    1. Doctors who listen are hard to come by. Doctors who listen and ask are priceless. Your new team sounds like an improvement. If you would like my opinions (and that is all they would be, opinions) on wheelchairs, please feel welcome to let me know. Thank you for your comments!

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      1. Yes would like some advice on a good chair… My needs have changed since the one that i have which is self propelled but someone can also push me … It is to heavy even though small for that type of chair… I have also changed from a gel cushion to an air one this week that I think is better a Roho, much lighter and moves more ….

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