Moving and storage

For days we’ve had to work hard to keep track of the day and date. Today was different. Today was Friday. Building and moving are like twin, double edged swords swinging like dueling pendulums. Fun, joy, stress, frustration. Packing, shopping, packing the purchases, running down supplies, going out to buy what needs to be replenished. By Friday night, tonight, we are tired.

That is a really nice sidewalk, but why did the plumber hang the handheld unit in the accessible shower 6 feet high? Who is supplying the mirrors? Oh, we are? Whatever you say; we will drop them off after a trip to the big box.

And so the week has gone. The home is coming together and will be nice. Whether you are the on-site construction foreman or the off-site buyer, building a custom home is not for the faint of heart. 

How many people get a new home for Christmas? Feeling blessed to have family, friends, and a safe and comfortable place to call home.



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