Christmas and packing 

  It looks a bit forlorn, but it represents the joy and love of Christmas. It sits amongst the boxes as we are ready to move. This is our twentieth Christmas in this home. Friends seemed surprised that we bothered with a tree. But isn’t the Christmas tree the visible center of our celebration? 
Have you ever trimmed your tree with a hacksaw? I’m wondering if perhaps this was a first. With everything packed and not wanting to use a ladder to decorate the top, we removed 2 1/2 feet. We bought 3 strands of lights, a big box of plastic ornaments, five cardinals, and a box of candy canes. Voila! The “moving over Christmas” Christmas tree.

So how does this relate to living on wheels? I can’t reach the top and didn’t want Sandy on a ladder leaning out to reach the top. Enter the ubiquitous hacksaw. We work together, Sandy doing what I cannot, and me protective of her safety and happiness. We will have a Christmas of love, a Christmas of joy. I’m on wheels, and Sandy is not on the ladder. 

We wish each of you a very Merry Christmas.


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