Sandy and I don’t make a big deal of it, but we do remember it. Today is my 22nd Paraversary of officially being a paraplegic. After a battery of tests over a couple of weeks, my neurologist very kindly explained that there was too much damage to the spinal cord to allow walking or any useful function below the level of injury. 

It has been a lot harder on Sandy than on me because she is the one supplying leg power for both of us. She is wonderful and, over all 22 years, never once complained. I’m so blessed to have family support and continued love. 

We have had to change so much, but with change comes opportunity. We made new friends in a new place after the last winter in Indiana nearly killed me but managed to keep established friendships as well. My mission changed, and I became Mr Mom and Mr Volunteer. What could have been devestating news became a new directive. 

A few years ago I finally learned how to “Rock Your Disability.” Posture a little better. Smile a little brighter. Self-esteem a lot better and brighter. My Paraversary rolls around right after Christmas, and I celebrate the person I’ve become, what I’ve been able to accomplish, and the ongoing love and support I receive. 





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