Cracker Barrel and pizza

We have moved. Nineteen years ago I said never again, but we did.

Almost too tired to eat. Night before last we went to a box store and couldn’t get help. Tired, so we went to Cracker Barrel across the street. Chicken and dumplings. And biscuits. Comfort food. I asked the server what we might get as take out and nuke for breakfast. She sent over the manager. Good suggestions, so we have had Cracker Barrel take out 2 mornings. After we closed on the old house, we went to the Winter Garden Pizza Company. Bought a big pizza. Voila. More home cooking.

Today Sandy made beef stew in the Crock Pot. Real food for a change.

We have the car in the garage. It’s tight, but she’s in. Happy New Year. ‘Tis well after midnight in London. Good night. My who-done-it awaits.


One thought on “Cracker Barrel and pizza

  1. Well by now you should be all settled in and back to “real” food for the most part…except of course for the animal crackers & oatmeal…although I would consider oatmeal real food!! Hope you are happy with your move, it is exhausting. I “just” moved here a year and a half ago, my time flies, after having lived at my previous residence for 27 years…you sure do collect a lot over the years!! I love beef stew!! 🙂 Happy New Year!!

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