What you see, what I see

 First in an occasional series… 
As y’all well know, I am quite open. I can also be rather private. I’m thinking it might be fun, or maybe even helpful, if I share some things you might not expect.

What do you see when you see me? I hope you see a friend, or at least a friendly stranger. What you don’t readily see is my MS. It’s there; trust me. The elephant in the room is my everpresent titanium chair, but the elephant in my daily living is MS.

In this edition, let’s set the scene. I have the most rare form of MS, Progressive Relapsing if you want to look it up – or ask me about it. Most of my lesions are spinal cord. I do have many of the common effects of MS, which we’ll discuss another time. You will also find them in my regular entries.  I rate each day and can usually tell what I’m going to expect within a few minutes. Two is a normal day ‘for a person with MS.’ One is a relatively bad day. Fatigue is usually the issue. Three is a pretty good day, a “Let’s go to Animal Kingdom” kind of day. Yesterday was a one, but today is a two.

Okay, reading glasses off, sunglasses on, and let’s do this day! I hope You have a great day! Thanks for stopping by. Please feel welcome any time, and I’d love to have you subscribe.