What you see, what I see

 First in an occasional series… 
As y’all well know, I am quite open. I can also be rather private. I’m thinking it might be fun, or maybe even helpful, if I share some things you might not expect.

What do you see when you see me? I hope you see a friend, or at least a friendly stranger. What you don’t readily see is my MS. It’s there; trust me. The elephant in the room is my everpresent titanium chair, but the elephant in my daily living is MS.

In this edition, let’s set the scene. I have the most rare form of MS, Progressive Relapsing if you want to look it up – or ask me about it. Most of my lesions are spinal cord. I do have many of the common effects of MS, which we’ll discuss another time. You will also find them in my regular entries.  I rate each day and can usually tell what I’m going to expect within a few minutes. Two is a normal day ‘for a person with MS.’ One is a relatively bad day. Fatigue is usually the issue. Three is a pretty good day, a “Let’s go to Animal Kingdom” kind of day. Yesterday was a one, but today is a two.

Okay, reading glasses off, sunglasses on, and let’s do this day! I hope You have a great day! Thanks for stopping by. Please feel welcome any time, and I’d love to have you subscribe.



3 thoughts on “What you see, what I see

  1. Hey George, thank you for this enlightening post. While I have a couple of friends who have MS it seems to manifest itself differently in each person. Being familiar with hidden disabilities (I’m legally blind and you wouldn’t know it unless I divulged the info) I understand how assumptions can be made without having the whole story. My disability has taught me to be more patient and open minded because things are rarely as they might appear.


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