Apology amongst the chaos

imageLet’s get right to the point. I sincerely apologize for the lapse in writing. Several of you began following, only to find silence. We moved, and I had some surgery. I shall do better.

The new home is coming together – finally. It has been an energy consuming whirlwind of frequent visits to Target, the big box home stores, and a furniture store that was actually fun.

Not fun was a trip into a store where I just don’t go. An item we needed was advertised ¬†exclusively at that place. They didn’t have the item, but I did come home with hives.

So what do wheelies do when they move? They unpack box after box just like anyone else. They get tired and don’t write. Tomorrow will find me with some light weights and on the mat stretching. It’s time to get this act together.

Btw, this app is driving me nuts tonight. It stalls and will not let me insert a picture where I want it. Whatever. Thank you for stopping by.