Hand and Foot

Have you ever played Hand and Foot? Mind out of the gutter, please. It a quirky card game. Let’s backtrack if you will. I’ve been posting pictures of our new home. It is also a new lifestyle and a brand new community. It is called Esplanade and is “concierge living.” We signed on the first day after visiting another Esplanade.

Though lots are smaller than our previous half acre, we have a large screened lanai, a nice brick patio, and some lawn. A lawn that “they” do all the work to maintain. I don’t know who “they” are and don’t care. We have friends, neighbors, and fun. So about this Hand and Foot thing…

This afternoon I was invited to play Hand and Foot. My companions were three lovely ladies, including my wife Sandy, and one gentleman who is our Activities Director. Nobody minds if I bring my own chair. New, large cards! After watching two games, I took over for said gentleman, and we won. In the forth game we had the two most experienced matched against the two newest. She and I had a blast. We also lost. Aren’t you surprised?

I guess I did well enough because I was invited to come back. Or maybe they want me partnered with some unsuspecting newcomer. Whatever. We laughed, we talked, we ate Thin Mints, and we strengthened our bonds of friendship.

I like this game. I like my new home.

Thank you for visiting. Please follow if you like what you’ve seen so far. There aren’t a lot of followers, but I know who you are and am thankful for every one of you.


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