Oatmeal and animal crackers

That was an exciting week, so here’s a little number called Oatmeal and Animal Crackers. I wrote it myself a minute or two ago.

With so much excitement let’s skip to the main event. Target. With a list so long it would even shock Santa we entered and faded left. An hour or so into the trip, Starbucks beckoned. Ahoy! There it is up near the front. Coming down the home stretch, there they were. Animal Crackers. In a big bear holding about two gallons of them. My willpower prevailed, so I went down the next aisle and then made a second pass. Maybe there is a snack aisle. Yes! A box with portion controlled snack sizes.

Don’t ask me how my mind put oatmeal with animal crackers, but it did. I don’t exactly love oatmeal. If I add whey powder, TruvΓ­a, a bottle of cinnamon, and half a pint of berries it’s edible. All of that actually combines to make a healthy breakfast that tastes mostly okay. I feel better when I eat it. There is a point to this…After living in the South for 20 years, I still hate grits.

And the point to this whole thing is that I warned you that if you’d wondered about living on wheels, you were about to find out. Isn’t it exciting?

Thank you for your patience and for stoping by. Tomorrow’s entry will be quite on point. I have it organized and need to take a picture before sharing it with you. Please stop back soon.


16 thoughts on “Oatmeal and animal crackers

  1. I love animal crackers, and oatmeal’s okay…but I must admit I never thought of them together! πŸ™‚
    Oooh, I just noticed you have a post called Cracker Barrel and Pizza..mmmm now I must venture over and see what that’s all about. I love your spirit and energy…keep ’em coming!!

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      1. LOL!! I thought you were in England…when you spoke of London I figured that’s where you live!! I’m laughing right out loud…wow so late!!! πŸ˜‰ It’s 9:20 here too…p.m.

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      2. Love it. I need to look back and see what I said about London. I do like all things British. πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ We had a visiting prof from England at an alumni function. After we got acquainted he said the most British thing he’d found since being in the US was a man named George Rector from a town called Newcastle.

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      3. You would have thought that Target, Cracker Barrel, Winter Garden Pizza Co., would have given it away, but I was reading your Cracker Barrel & Pizza post at New Year’s and at the end you said “Tis well after midnight in London”…sooooo I paid attention to that and that’s why I thought you were in England! Ha! I have lots of family that live in Florida…:-)

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      4. My parents live in Lake Helen, near Deland, my sister lives in Jacksonville, my cousins live in Crystal River, my nephew lives in Tequesta…I guess that’s enough… πŸ˜‰


      5. They used to be, then life happened…my sister’s job moved her north, my nephew (one of her sons) got a job south and my parents have been where they are for 40 years. They moved down there from here, Mass., after I graduated high school…of course I’m only 29 so I don’t know how they have been there for 40 years… πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hi, Fab blog! I have just set up mine, but still in the very early stages! Just making efforts to link in with fellow bloggers to improve our followers and get the word out there for us both. I would appreciate you having a peek at my blog, as I have just published my first post. Feel free to like, comment, follow or just take a peek. Thank you πŸ™‚


  3. Hi George, how are you? It’s been a while since I’ve last popped in and I’m taking advantage of the weekend to catch up. When you mentioned that you hated grits one of my other blogger friends immediately came to mind (she’s from the south too) and I was laughing to myself and thinking “I hope she doesn’t see this.” Apparently there are some folks from the south who really, really, really love grits, I’m from the north and I like them as well but found it funny that you don’t.

    I also wanted to thank you again for supporting me by retweeting my posts on bringing about awareness on sight loss through my white cane icon Abigail. I so wish that I could get a good handle on all the social media but there really isn’t enough time in the day and I have to focus on so many crucial areas it seems.

    But on to more important matters like animal crackers ummm ummm. As a kid I used to love animal crackers they don’t quite taste the same but now that you’ve put the thought into my head by writing this post I just may have to grab a box. Never cared for oatmeal but perhaps I could switch it out with grits? Nah, I don’t think so. I’ll just stick with the animal crackers. Have a good one George.

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    1. We had grits “back in Indiana.” Well, they did. I didn’t. lol All this reminds me of a sign in front of a Southern chain that read, “Whole Grain Oatmeal.” What is that all about?
      I’m more than glad to help raise awareness. You have a beautiful idea, pun intended. We all need to support each other.

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