Things get in the way

All too often things get in the way. The most recent full moon was spectacular, and the photographer in me had to give it a go. It was rising behind the neighbor’s tree. My patio is raised, which made for good viewing but also restricted my ability to move. As I looked through my viewfinder I began to see another path. The tree that was in my way was making my photo. I just had to see it as the subject and not as an annoyance.

Living on wheels (Remember the subject of this blog?) we so often find things in our way. Living with MS we encounter a myriad of obstacles.

What are we to do? Encounter the tree and put away the camera? Hit the wall of fatigue and give up on the day? Encounter a curb and miss the park? There is a way. Somewhere, somehow. Make the tree your subject. Take a nap in the afternoon, and go out for a light dinner. Make yourself visible, go in the street, and eventually you’ll find a curb cut.

Will you get what we want? Reality says we won’t get what you want every time. I’m not going to lie and say everything works out when dealing with MS/NMO, using a wheelchair, walking with crutches. But there is a way to participate, to be a part of our families, to go out in public. I’ve ridden my titanium wheelchair north of the Arctic Circle, as far south as Aruba, travelled east to Paris, and flown west to Hong Kong and Taiwan. Everywhere I went there were obstacles, things I missed. I couldn’t get up the million steps to the top of the volcano in Iceland, but I saw the awesome mountain from the bottom. I rolled amongst the geysers. I met the wonderful people.

There are leaves in front of the moon. Nice photo, not what I’d planned.
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Two if by by sea

Sometimes you just have to get away. We moved, which is bad enough in itself. I’ve told myself over and over not to move again. Toss in that the house wasn’t exactly done, a wheelchair flip from which neither of has fully recovered, and add the lure of the sea. Port Canaveral, here we come. Actually came, as we are now home.

We are experienced cruisers, and the way we did it is not something I’d recommend to newbies. Totally unstructured, unscheduled time. Freedom. (Naturally, as we were on the Freedom of the Seas.) We ate every meal when and where we pleased. We didn’t use the dining room once. We skipped desserts and instead bought a beverage package that included unlimited, carte blanche at Starbuck’s. Yes, unlimited Starbuck’s. Frappuccinos mid mornings and mid afternoons. We came home happy and 2 pounds lighter. We didn’t get off the ship. Love those port days. A 900 foot yacht all to ourselves.

I’m behind in everything. Writing, obviously. Reading blogs, as well, but I’m getting started on that. I don’t want to miss what y’all have to say. Thanks for stoping by. I am honored each time.

Bon voyage.