Two if by by sea

Sometimes you just have to get away. We moved, which is bad enough in itself. I’ve told myself over and over not to move again. Toss in that the house wasn’t exactly done, a wheelchair flip from which neither of has fully recovered, and add the lure of the sea. Port Canaveral, here we come. Actually came, as we are now home.

We are experienced cruisers, and the way we did it is not something I’d recommend to newbies. Totally unstructured, unscheduled time. Freedom. (Naturally, as we were on the Freedom of the Seas.) We ate every meal when and where we pleased. We didn’t use the dining room once. We skipped desserts and instead bought a beverage package that included unlimited, carte blanche at Starbuck’s. Yes, unlimited Starbuck’s. Frappuccinos mid mornings and mid afternoons. We came home happy and 2 pounds lighter. We didn’t get off the ship. Love those port days. A 900 foot yacht all to ourselves.

I’m behind in everything. Writing, obviously. Reading blogs, as well, but I’m getting started on that. I don’t want to miss what y’all have to say. Thanks for stoping by. I am honored each time.

Bon voyage.


6 thoughts on “Two if by by sea

  1. We did, Stephanae, thanks. This house has been stress upon stress, something we have not encountered before. We needed time to just let us be “us.” Hence, no schedule at all. Pure free form cruising and relaxing on the balcony with the ocean going by.


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