Lunch at the German bakery

One summer when our son was small, we came to Disney. I remember standing in a long queue for The Peter Pan ride. Or was it Mr. Toad? He has always been one of my favorites. It was mid-summer, and I swore I’d never come to Florida in summer again. I did, several more times in fact, and finally moved here. Well, it’s still hot in summer.

We avoid places that are outside. MS compounds the discomfort. I like the outdoors. Yesterday I told sandy I had cabin fever. As always, she came to the rescue. “Let’s have lunch tomorrow at the Yahala Bakery!”

Those of you who have been with me awhile know that over Christmas we moved from our longtime home in metro Orlando to experience “Resort Style Living with Concierge Services.” We traded city for rural. Gray for green. Flat for hills. Yes, you read that right – hills. Trees, green fields, and rolling hills reminiscent of Southern Indiana.

This morning we pointed the CR-V north and set out through Montverde, Astatula, Howey-In-The-Hils, and finally Yalaha. See why I love this? You feel the hills and lean with the curves. In a 30 minute drive we encountered exactly one stoplight and maybe a few dozen cars. Not so much cars here as pick-up trucks, though.

The Yalaha Bakery is an authentic German bakery and deli. In a tribute to civilization, and fortunately for me on wheels, they have paved the parking lot. The rest is smooth pavers, umbrella tables, and picnic tables under huge, ancient trees. The main entrance leads you directly to the overwhelming pastry counter. To get to lunch you pass this. You pass it again going to the outside tables. I defy anyone to pass it up!

Lunch at the deli was well above average, especially the crusty rolls. Is there room for dessert? Nope. So what do we want to get? We split the key lime tart and the “piece” of carrot cake. I trust my beloved nurse practitioner is not reading this, and if you are I promise I don’t normally eat like this. Next time I’ll stick to salad.

What an awesome outing! Life is good with my best friend to whom I’m so blessed to be wed. Thank you sincerely for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Lunch at the German bakery

  1. My parents live in Lake Helen, near Deland. I have relatives that live in Minneola, Crystal River, Jacksonville, Tequesta and a few other towns. We’re all northerners and my parents and relatives all seemed to migrate down there 40 years ago now. My sister loves carrot cake, she would not have been able to pass up the pastry counter either. Besides I thought there was no “bad stuff” in carrot cake or key lime tarts… 😉

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