Making MS lasagna

How to make MS Lasagna…

Start with noodles that go soft in the heat, like my muscles. Add some oil like sunscreen to protect from burning. A little pepper and maybe some rosemary. And finally toss in the MS. Bake at 99°F (37°C) every day for a week. Remove from oven briefly, add a dash of pain, and bake another week. My summertime motto of “stay cool and hydrate” isn’t cutting it this summer. We aren’t getting the usual rains to cool the ground, and it feels like the desert if deserts steamed. It’s the first summer in many years I’ve not had access to a pool, which is where I cool off and also exercise. (Trust me, I tried for days on the pool thing. No accessible pool.) So I’m behind. I’m here if you need me. Send me a message if I can help. Summer – we’re in this together, and if we stick together we can get through.



10 thoughts on “Making MS lasagna

  1. Here’s something you might try to cool you down and maybe ease some pain. Take water bottles and freeze them, then once the water is frozen, take out two bottles and roll them back and forth under your feet. It helps reduce swelling in the feet and cools your body temperature down. It’s not a pool but maybe it will help! I hope so…I’ll pray for some rain and cooler temps for you too! 🙂

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      1. The National MS Society sometimes suggests a product called BioFreeze. It comes as a gel or roll-on. Applied to the cooling points (wrists, back of neck, back of knees, elbows) it helps cool quite effectively.

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  2. My PT had suggested something similar for neuroma and a metatarsal that is getting pushed out of place. Because I can’t control my feet, it becomes a matter of rolling my legs by using my hands. I’m ultra cold sensitive, so it becomes a chore – a chore that needs to be done, thanks!


  3. This sounds absolutely miserable George. I know how awful I feel when I’m not feeling well when it’s hot, hazy and humid and I can’t begin to imagine how the misery is magnified with MS. Not having access to an accessible pool is another topic of frustration.

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