Bad guys ping pong

Daybreak. Dark clouds flow in from the Atlantic. I have a doctor’s appointment later today. – Actually I don’t, but I will. “Call at 8 o’clock and ask for a same day appointment. I need to look at your ear.” It began almost a month ago in the stretch of terrible, summer heat. It was a sinus infection that, along with the antibiotic, awakened the MS. Then the MS refused to go back to sleep. Just as things were looking up, bad boy sinus counters with an ear ache.

I promised to tell you what living on wheels is truly like. For weeks I’ve told you nothing, and that basically sums up my summer. Today my favorite nurse practitioner and I will stick our hand over the net and tell the bad guys their game is over. I’m ready to get on with fall. More soon!

Thank you for stopping by. Comments are welcome. There’s a like button for a quick Hi. Since it’s my site, I didn’t give it a dislike button. I mean, after all… 😎


6 thoughts on “Bad guys ping pong

  1. So sorry to hear about your sinus & ear infections…hope they are getting better, if not already better!! You could have a dislike button but it would be a waste of time!! 😉 I hope your MS quiets down too, saying prayers tonight and sending thoughts of muscle quietness your way!! Also sorry to hear what a challenging summer this has been for you…it certainly has been hot!!! Stay cool and uninfected. xo

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