Before the rain


Whether we ride a bicycle, tandem, or wheelchair, or if we walk, there is something and someplace for all of us. Our place this week was Disney’s Animal Kingdom, our new “go to” park. We finally had a day that was forecast to be cloudy with rain in the afternoon and a high of only 84. We seized the day and trekked off for some change of scenery.

The summer has been brutally hot. It started off okay until I had the mother of migraines. A week of this led to a sinus infection which led to an MS exacerbation and a subsequent ear infection. Do you know how far a person can slide in a month?

Animal Kingdom seemed like a great idea, and that proved to the case. Apparently everyone in Florida agreed. Despite the addition of extra security tables and personnel, the lines were long. Other than the year we went on Christmas Day, this was the busiest we’d seen this park. Nonetheless, there are a lot of services and spaces to stop.  Just don’t get too picky. It is good to be lucky, and we got a lunch spot in a shelter house right by the lake. The turkey breast on multi-grain bread is excellent, and you get grapes instead of fries.

While we were eating it rained, which added to the ambiance of a nice lunch. Also nice was the rain ending just before we finished lunch. Our cool day? Didn’t happen. It was hot and muggy, and the sky was beginning to look ominously dark. We’d been there a few hours, watched people, eaten lunch, and it was time to move toward the exit. Just in time!

If you will look above the bikes, you will see a wonderful sentiment. “It matters not who you are or where you are from, we are all children of the world.”

Thank you for stopping by. It is an honor and a pleasure to have you. Make my day, leave a comment!

Picture is the side of an old hotel and bicycle repair shop. There are an old tandem and an English style bicycles. Some notices are tacked above, and a saying is written on the building, quoted in the text.


4 thoughts on “Before the rain

  1. A migraine, sinus infection, MS and heat? I can only imagine how miserable you must have felt has it cooled of for you now that we’ve headed into November? Even though the mugginess set in it sounds like you and Sandra had a lovely day.

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