The dog ate my PT

I should say dogs. Meet Amelia and Fred. Normally they are so quiet and well behaved. I don’t know what got into them. They are a pair…like Sandy and me maybe. Will you look at those smug faces? And the lone weight. It’s all that left of my summer PT program.

My wonderful physical and occupational therapists had worked out a plan for the summer, since I am so limited on the number of visits. I worked hard all summer. I’d done so well and was all ready to show them my stuff. I laid it all out the night before. In the morning – nothing. Gone! The dogs had eaten my PT.

The therapists gave me a little quiz to see if I’d really done it. To my surprise I did better than I expected, which encouraged me to work harder. I hope to have 2 pools almost across the street very soon. And a gym.

Don’t give up. You are doing better than you think. Do you have a cheerleader? Someone to encourage you? You do now. To you and to myself, “Go out there and do it!” And don’t lay it on the table for the dogs to eat whilst you sleep. Thank you so much for stopping by. I invite you to please comment and/or follow. Amelia and Fred said to tell y’all, “Hi.”

Pictured are 2 small, stuffed dogs. They are light brown. Amelia is wearing her aviator hat whilst Fred is wearing a classic, knit ski toboggan. In Fred’s lap is one small free weight.