“…end up in a wheelchair.”

So here I am on a beautiful bench surrounded by tropical plants. Yet to those new to MS I am one of those who “end up in a wheelchair.” How can that be? I’m not even in the chair!

One of the first things those diagnosed with MS are told is, “most patients who have MS do not end up in a wheelchair.” I have MS and paraplegia. I’ve used a wheelchair for over 23 years. “…end up in a wheelchair” is the most demeaning thing I have encountered, and that is the way those newly diagnosed are welcomed. I have not “ended up” anywhere except north of the Artic Circle, south to beautiful Aruba, east to Amsterdam and Paris, and west to Hong Kong.

The difference is my wheelchair. It is made of titanium. It is custom fit to me. It is a prosthetic lower body, and it is nothing like the standard wheelchairs that are so common. I don’t feel the chair because it is a part of me. 

Instead of telling people they likely won’t “end up,” let’s tell them the truth. There is equipment available to keep you going, and you won’t “end up” an invalid.

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Converse shoes, feet on the footrest, now let’s roll and see what we find next.

Top photo shows George sitting on a carved, stone bench with legs crossed and his wheelchair in front of him. Second picture shows his titanium chair, small and lightweight. Third picture has his feet wearing blue Converse shoes and sitting together on the footrest a few inches above the ground.


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