Around the World in 27 Days

Image is the poster for the movie Around the World in 80 Days, which starred David Niven.

In 1873 Phileas Fogg went around the world in 80 days – in a book. Please join Sandy and me as we attempt to go around the world in 27 days.

We’ll go first class, and we’ll go in steerage. Cars, airplanes, high speed trains, local trains. And did I mention airplanes?

The adventure begins in Florida – near Clermont. We’ll travel by hired car to Orlando where we’ll board Delta for a flight to Seattle. Pikes Market. The Space Needle.

Then we fly EVA Air to Taipei, Taiwan. In this amazing city we will board the High Speed Rail and travel 186 mph to the beautiful city of Kaohsiung. 

After about 2 weeks in Kaohsiung please join us as we fly to Hong Kong on Dragon Air. In Hong Kong. we will join Dragon’s parent company, Cathay Pacific, and go non-stop to London.

Ah, London. As Roger Miller described it, “Westminster Abby, the Tower of Big Ben, the rosy red cheeks of the little children.” We’ll explore in the city with which we fell in love 5 years ago.

And finally, we’ll gather up all our stuff and join Norwegian Air’s service to Orlando. And a car back to Clermont.

It’s going to be fun, and I’ll try to write frequently with some pictures as we go. And again, special thanks to friends Mike, Tamika, and Winston the bull dog for house sitting. Monday is almost here! Let’s roll!


7 thoughts on “Around the World in 27 Days

      1. I just watched a Netflix Original Series called The Crown and it’s all about her. It was excellent. There were 10 episodes, I hope they’re going to do a Season 2. They left it hanging as if they were. Enjoy! 🙂

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