Chilling in Seattle

img_0049Yesterday Sandy and I caught the early bird fligt to Seattle. We settled into our First Class seats and lived the life of luxury. That won’t last because the next flight is in steerage.

As we approached Seattle we had a close up view of Mt. Rainier with Mt. St. Helens in the background. img_0054

This is to be a rest stop, so weary travelers won’t be so weary as the trip unfolds. Today  we visited Pike Place market. What a cacophony of sounds and smells. Fish, pastries, sausages, flowers, incense, Puget Sound. Vendors with layer upon layer of sweat shirts and gloves in the chilly air.


Tomorrow we visit the Space Needle with a 100% chance of heavy rain forecast. We have good L.L. Bean raincoats, so bring it on.

Thanks for stopping by. I apologize for the format of this post; it doesn’t work at all like my familiar, old iPad. I’ll work on that as time and energy permit.

Images show George and Sandy as they boarded the plane in Orlando, close up of Mt. Rainier from the air, Public Market sign, a fruit stall with unusual tangerines, and an overview. 


6 thoughts on “Chilling in Seattle

  1. I’m following your trip backwards, but it’s kind of fun. I started in Taiwan and am now back in Seattle. The picture of Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens is beautiful. Did you catch “literally” any fish at the market? They always show them tossing them. You know your posts look fine, really.

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