Flying all night

Following lunch atop the Space Needle where we had great food and a look at America’s rainiest city in the pouring rain, we rested and then went to the airport. Midnight came, and we boarded EVA Air. What a pleasant surprise! A new Boeing (made in Seattle) 777. Our premium economy that I’d read online is crammed was anything but crammed. Nice seats, personal headphones, an entertainment center with our choice of movies, music, games, and more!

Sandy watched The Beatles. I started The Girl on the Train (loved the book) and fell promptly to sleep. Thirteen hours is a long flight, trust me on this.

Once in Taipei, Taiwan we went through the customary customs and immigration. Passports, address, proof of our tickets to leave, and fingerprints done we climbed in a taxi to the Taiwan High Speed Rail.

The electric powered train is 997 feet long, and there are over 900 trains a week running the length of the island at 187mph. Sleek, virtually silent there is a swish as it enters the station. Comfortable, quiet, seats.

In the station at Kaohsiung we were met by our son Cliff, and we are halfway round the world! Thank you for joining us, and we would be delighted if you’d continue the adventure with us.

Photos show the 605 feet Space Needle from the bottom and George and Sandy in red and blue raincoats.


4 thoughts on “Flying all night

  1. So happy to hear the plane was wonderful, to be on it for 13 hours is a long time. I’ve never flown for longer than 3-1/2 hours and I get antsy then. The train sounds awesome, I would enjoy that. Have a wonderful visit with your family.

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