We meet our new grandson

E8F4B9EC-DEC7-4D54-8CFE-66D63CE783AE.JPGGood morning or good evening depending where in the world you are. We have arrived in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. After months of Skyping, we hugged our little grandson. We adore him, of course!

Cameron is 4. Cliff and Natalie adopted the little angel, and he is loved deeply. We were delighted that he warmed to us almost instantly. People have asked about language. He is fluent in Mandarin and English. He attends a day care/preschool.

Cameron likes cars and my wheelchair! We are going to take it apart in a few minutes – the wheelchair, not the car.

We will be venturing out soon, so we can share our day trips. In the next few days we’ll be returning to Lotus Lake with its temples, mighty tiger, and the dragon. Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate every one of you and always welcome comments. I try to respond. Things are a bit strange with the app on an unfamiliar iPad.

Image is our grandson sitting on a Little Tykes fire truck watching a cartoon, nice and close the way kids love it. 


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