On Sunday afternoon we went to IKEA. What to expect? How would it be different? If you wanted to hear what is the same, we’d be here all day. The similarity was indeed fascinating.

Kaohsiung’s IKEA is downtown and doesn’t have the outside signage I am used to in Orlando. Parking is in a 2 level underground garage. Once inside, I felt right at home. Same layout, same merchandise, same signs – only in Taiwanese with prices in NT. Conversion is easy, and they correspond right on with the US.
Most interesting was the food court. The most popular food item? Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes. I was told I that is the most popular the world over. Menu? Exactly the same. The drinking glasses here are more formal.

The store is twice the size of Orlando’s and crowded. The people tended to be younger with small children up through pre-teens. Despite the congestion everyone was polite. No one bumped me, and no one stepped in front. I didn’t run over a single person. (Okay, I never do anyway.😎)

A good afternoon with lunch and people watching! Something for us all to remember…Halfway around the world, despite languages and cultures we are very much the same.

Thank you for reading. Comments are always welcome. I’m getting a bit behind in responding, so please bare with me. I shall spare you an entry on Costco. It’s nearly identical to the US, including English.

Picture is Sandy with her long red hair shining, and she is in front of a sign that is in Taiwanese with the IKEA logo and a map showing Sweden.


2 thoughts on “IKEA Day

  1. I find it interesting and smart that they setup the stores the same around the world, that way regular customers, like yourself, feel right at home even when they’re not! Glad you two had a fun day. 🙂

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  2. My son loves IKEA’s Swedish meatballs. How nice to be able to experience the familiar in unfamiliar territory and of course I love this: “Halfway around the world, despite languages and cultures we are very much the same.” Have a good one Sandy & George!

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