Field of fun

On Saturday we went to soccer practice. Sandy and I had been looking forward to this, and we weren’t disappointed. In fact, we were delighted in what we found. We enjoyed a huge field of fun. Of course our attention was on soccer practice and the little ones. So what is involved? First came stretching. Then warm ups followed by a motor skills drill with jumping over small cones (the ones in the picture). All warmed up and ready, the kids lined up and each practiced taking shots on goal. Surprisingly good! Ready to go, the kids were divided into teams with one team wearing fluorescent orange vests and the other in a shocking yellow green. Let the chaos begin.

In Taiwan with its tight population density, green space is readily available and is used. This park in downtown Kaohsiung covers about 2 city blocks. One section is a traditional park with winding sidewalks, trees, grassy areas, and a pond. The side where we were is a huge, flat, grass lawn. I counted 9 groups using the area for recreation. One young couple was playing Wham-O Trac Ball. There were kites, soccer balls, and frisbees.

How did the wheelchair do? The field is hard packed, and the grass is manicured short. I rolled right across it without help. Amazing.

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the Likes and Comments on the earlier entries. We have some new followers following our journey, and you are appreciated, as well. We will be here another week exploring this beautiful island and visiting with our family. London awaits.

Opening picture shows a group of very small children seated with hands up as they begin practice. The second picture is of the ornage and the green teams together in a moment of sportsmanship before beginning play. 


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