Time with family

E8074989-3520-4303-8810-CBF1C8F9528F.jpgfa989dee-701f-4d0a-9c3d-08fdfd4b827eThe pace has slowed a bit as we recharge our batteries, as it were. Quality time with family and friends. We met our friends Amanda, Lawrance, and Christina. Cameron and Eden had a ball on the playground. This is in yet another park near downtown Kaohsiung. There is a huge jungle gym, and the picture shows only a portion of it. The park and the playground are fully wheelchair accessible. I rolled so nicely on it, and it was padded to protect the kids if they fall.

Our son Cliff on the left and Lawrence on the right.

After a couple of hours we all ventured through the city traffic to a restaurant Amanda and Lawrance recommended. Unlike restaurants I’ve encountered here, this is entirely Chinese. Here we are in a beautiful restaurant with light lavender table cloths and chairs, a large multi-page menu that was all Chinese. Lawrence explained that the food is served family style with dishes rotated on a huge Lazy Susan. With nine of us, it was a large, round table. The presentation reminded me a bit of P.F. Chang’s in the U.S.  There were more items, and spices were different, however. It was one of the best meals I’ve had – period. You will be proud of me; I got all my food into my mouth with only one small spot on the tablecloth using chopsticks. (They offered a fork, but that seemed like a mood killer.)

Even when company comes, the routine must go on, so we were off to the hardware store. The store is large but in a downtown location. Parking is above the store, whilst employees park underneath. Inside is a store that easily rivals The Home Depot. I was right at home!

Yesterday Cliff took us over to the coast. The seashore is “fortified” against typhoons. Kaohsiung is at the southern end of the island and is on the leeward side with mountains for protection. (Taipei, the capital, is at the very northern tip and is cooler with more typhoons.) The smell of the sea was as I remembered it from years ago. The shell of the original Kaohsiung Light still stands, but its functionality has been replaced with an automated light.

Last night we went to a night market. That’s next. Thanks for reading. I hope you are enjoying our glimpse of life halfway round the world.

Top picture is a very old lighthouse, blue gray color with colorful fish. Then snapshots of Sandy and Cliff and Sandy and George. Underneath is an overview of the colorful Little Tykes jungle gym. Lower are pictures showing Cliff and Lawrance. Cliff is wearing a Del Sol T-shirt, sunglasses, and an orange hat. There is a winding, stone path through the wooded park. Finally a picture of a downtown intersection with tall buildings and the sea of scooters.


11 thoughts on “Time with family

  1. I’m impressed that you turned down a fork for chopsticks😉 When my one son went to Japan years ago he brought me back a kimono, tea set and a pair of chopsticks which I’ve never used. As I type this I’m toying with the idea of trying them.

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    1. Please don’t get the idea that I’m good with them. I had a backup plan. Had I been spilling food, I would have requested the fork. To my surprise, i was able to use them.
      I have advice, however. Use the forks. lol

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  2. I always wondered if I would like authentic Chinese food….seems you did! Oh yes chopsticks are a must, I’ve never tried them…but good job on only one spot on the tablecloth!! That park looks beautiful and I’m glad you got to visit your own playground (Home Depot clone). Love the fish on that lighthouse. Off to your next adventure. 🙂

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  3. We found the overall quality of the “Chinese” food to be better than what we get in the US. Mom and Pop stands are the mainstay of the industry. They are clean and don’t mind if we just point. Great dumplings!


    1. Thank you. That was our trip to Taiwan (Around the World in 29 Days) this Feb/March. It is hard having our family literally halfway around the world. We love them and are happy for them in a beautiful, safe place. We’ve been twice!

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