Final thoughts & the missing blog


Has it been too long to add final thoughts to our series on Around the World in 27 Days? I asked and was told it’s not too late. We returned home very tired. I don’t think I realized  how tired. In dealing with paraplegia and all the issues with MS, fatigue remains my most disabling problem.

Thanks to all who followed along with us and to those who joined along the way. You are genuinely appreciated. Somehow, someway, part of an entry went missing, and I’d like to fill in the gap, as it was an interesting day.

London in the winter is wet. We were prepared with a simple itinerary that took into account a rainy day. We jumped in a black taxi and were at the Victoria and Albert Museum at opening time.

FullSizeRender The exhibits were incredible. This is the Archangel Gabriel. I believe it dates from the 1600’s.

A trend in museums is to have some tactile exhibits. The V&A is no exception.DSCN1637 In the photo below I am touching a vase that is also from the 1600’s. There is a complete explanation in Braille. There are several such exhibits throughout the museum.



Of course on a rainy dFullSizeRender_2ay, there is the matter of lunch. Lunch at the V&A is affordable and in a beautiful room. The special of the day was one of my absolute favorites, leek and potato soup. Indeed, it was the best soup I’ve ever had. We were at a table for six, which was the only one available. We invited two ladies to join us and were treated to an interesting and pleasant conversation.

Have we covered everything? Not by a long shot, but there is a limit. I think we have reached  that limit on this topic. I always welcome your comments and will try to respond. I also am beginning to explore the blogs of my new friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support in this. Thanks especially to my wife and best friend Sandy. She makes travel and life in general a joy. I am blessed to have her in my life.

Photos: Top picture is the Victoria and Albert Museum taken in the courtyard. It has quit raining, and the building is gleaming in the round reflection pool. Second picture is a colorful statue of the Archangel Gabriel. Below that is George touching the vase. Final picture is a china plate and bowl with leek and potato soup and a slice of bread.


11 thoughts on “Final thoughts & the missing blog

    1. I hope you get to go. Accessibility was good. There were some Braille, tactile exhibits. At least they have made a start there. Lighting was good and not glaring. Of course, the guides were readily available and would, I think, explain things, as well.

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  1. Going around the world in 27 days is tiring on the most physically fit so kudos to you!! Oh it’s never to late to blog about anything. I loved following your trip and could read your posts anytime. It was wonderful that they had exhibits that you were able to touch and really enjoy. That soup looked delicious, I love potato soup too!! I would love to go to London sometime, as I told you my interest is in the royal family, all that pomp and circumstance…right up my alley…hehe. Tomorrow night there’s a program on about the last 100 days of Princess Diana, what a sad story that is. Anyways, hope all is well with you and Sandy!! 🙂

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    1. Deb, thank you. You are indeed correct about the Royals, the pomp. The U.K. has the most stable government in history with citizens protected in words and deed since even before the Magna Carta of 1215. The common courtesy in London rivals the rural towns of America. The traditions of Pubs, of Fish and Chips, of the leek and potato soup, and up through the Monarchy all last because, as you said today, they are good.
      Thank you for the nice comments and encouragement. They are welcomed and, more importantly right now, needed. Blessings.

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      1. You always have such interesting facts and information to share! Oh and fish and chips is one of my favorites too!! Thanks George. Wishing you a blessed Sunday and week ahead! 🙂

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