Saturday selfie


Oh, the much maligned selfie! It has become an art form in itself. But let’s start with a confession. I took the picture on Friday with the intention of writing on Saturday. This leads us to today, Sunday, and the actual topic. It’s about life on wheels and the less than glamorous things that happen. And the blog entries that didn’t happen.

I have not forgotten you. In fact I think of y’all every day and am thankful for each of you. Why has blogging not happened? In a nutshell, this invincible, wheelie warrior has taken some arrows (watched Avatar last night, hence the arrows thought) and is rolling backwards instead of forward. Hey, I said it was about life on wheels, the ugly with the awesome.

About 6 weeks ago I was removing the cover off the neighborhood pool’s lift chair when I felt a sudden pain that felt like someone had chopped my arm with an ax. As it turned out, that’s about what happened. I ruptured the bicep of my right (dominant) arm. The tendon ripped totally off the shoulder. Whack!

Now we have a paraplegic with a serious issue, as my arms are how I move around the mall – and do the essentials of daily living. Let us not forget the uninvited guest that moved in long ago called multiple sclerosis. MS does not like to be disturbed. The injury poked my MS with a big stick. Not good.

The heat has been oppressive with no rain for months (yes, no rain in Florida). Heat + MS = Fatigue. Multiply that by tendon and nerve damage, and we have ourselves a fight. Literally every MS symptom, you can find the list online or just ask me, has flared up.

The sunflowers are in the form of seeds. The potting soil is in the form of a bag in the garage. So you get a selfie instead of sunflowers. Sorry about that. I’m doing therapy every day and going to the office weekly. Yesterday we did Target. Today I cleaned the wheelchair you see in the picture. It’s my backup, and it has to be kept running, too.

Life on wheels. It’s time to get on with things, adapt as we have all done before and will do again, and keep on moving. I do think I’ll try forwards instead of backwards. What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll try to do better at writing and sharing.

Photo is a mirror selfie. Summer blond hair, round glasses with light brown tint, blue and white polo shirt, white canvas pants, and my favorite blue and white Converse All Stars, loosely laced. Titanium wheelchair with red casters, wood plank floor.


18 thoughts on “Saturday selfie

    1. Thanks. Per instructions, I did some light work with resistance bands yesterday. Didn’t hurt until later. The shoulder gurus think it will take a year to get the arm actually functioning. Indeed, I will take care! 🙂

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      1. Like they say, no pain no gain. 😉 Last weekend I worked a lot in the yard, using muscles I haven’t used in a long time. I was so sore the next day! But it felt good, knowing I’d worked those muscles. So yes, good job!😊

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  1. I hope your arm gets better soon.
    How are other weather changes than hot weather for you? Cold weather makes me ache, and temperature changes… so even in summer and even when traveling to tropical places i have scarves etc to keep shoulders warm, otherwise pain. And socks… i always sleep with woollen socks, otherwise cramps on my right foot wake me up. Can only imagine what kind of thermometer i’ll turn to when getting older (:

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    1. Like you, I ache or actually hurt in the cold. My paraplegia is tight, not flaccid, so you know what cold does to that! Heat and MS make me lose power. I do better in heat than in cold. The cold is really hurting my arm, so I’m wearing long sleeves or a loose sweater in the AC.

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  2. Oh brother George! OUCH. A year…holy moly. Don’t you just look up some days and ask why? Hmmm. Well to be honest, to me you are a sunflower and I liked the pic of you much better!! So I’m glad the seeds are still in the bag. Sure hope the pain subsides in all areas much before a year, and that the healing is shorter too. xo

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  3. Your attitude is awesome! I’m not sure I would be this happy sitting in a wheelchair. I understand what pain is like and when that happens attitude tends to sink south. As in the pits. I wish you a most speedy recovery!! These obstacles that tend to come flying our way at times I “think” is what separates the strong from the wimps. I should be Superwoman about now. And you? 🤓💖

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    1. Thank you, Amy. For the most part the wheelchair and I are fine. I am blessed that my family has sacrificed in order for me to have a custom, titanium chair. That is the difference between independent and invalid. There are moments of frustration. Can’t roll on the beach or hike the woods. Mostly, though, it’s fine!

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