The WHILL on Halloween

In my best Alfred Hitchcock voice… “Good evening. Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to be introduced to an amazing concept in electric mobility.”
IMG_0618 (1)

Since this is being written on Halloween, I hope you are all having a fun evening doing your favorite things, like eating chocolate. The Amazing Zina was so kind as to pose for us as we explore a new electric conveyance called the Whill, Model M.

Over the next several weeks, we will learn a great deal about this new concept as we explore its potential together. I initially saw the Whill, Model M when a friend was the Ambassador, and she showed how it differs from conventional wheelchairs (or scooters for that matter, though I am not a scooter fan). I applied to be a Whill Ambassador and was so pleased to be accepted.

In future Popping Wheelies and on my social media pages there will be pictures of some ingenious design and what it will do. Stick around. And please save me a piece of chocolate.

Picture is George in the Whill, Model M wheelchair with friend Zina in all her Halloween finery. Both are wearing black. George has a  Medieval  cross. Zina is wearing a flowing gown with her long, dark hair over her shoulder.

Here is where to find me online.     Instagram: grector71     Twitter: @grector71     Facebook: George Rector     To search even more.      #WhillModelM     #Whill   @_whill



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