Coats in the closet


I love winter clothes. I’m in heaven when the Bean winter catalog arrives. The problem is  that I intensely dislike winter. That little incident with the ice and the spinal cord notwithstanding, winter is not my thing.

When we get an occasional cold spell (near Orlando, Florida) I head to the coat closet. Now comes the problem. Which coat? We have about 10 cold days a year, so I have to be prepared. So here I am this morning, sitting in front of an array of choices. The ancient teal one with the purple collar? No, it’s too warm for today. The blue and white striped hoodie? No, it’s better for wind and rain. The blue Mickey Mouse hoodie? Maybe. The polar fleece pullover? Another possibility. Denim jacket? Why do men’s denim jackets have to be made from such heavy material? London Fog? Another one best suited for rain. Canvas pullover?

Ah ha! The plaid pullover! My favorite. The choice is made! Off I go outside. Wait a minute. It’s cold out here. Back inside, coat hung up, I think I’ll slip on a sweater. Now, which sweater????

Thank you for stopping by. I love your comments. It’s been awhile between posts because  it appears I reacted to a new med, and things went downhill for a few weeks. I hope y’all are having a wonderful holiday season.

Picture: George is outside in the sun in front of a background of green trees. From the top down, blonde hair, sunglasses, and the plaid coat. Multicolored, predominately blue and red with a bit of yellow layered over a red tee shirt. 



  1. Oh George sorry to hear about the meds…ugh! Like Peggy said, hope they get or are sorted out soon!!
    Love the choice you made, I can why that plaid is your favorite, it really compliments you and I love the colors! That wasn’t much of stay outside though…hehe. So what sweater did you decide on? 🙂 Stay warm I hear it’s getting into the 30s down there…you’d think you were here sans snow!!

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  2. George, you don’t know what cold is. Try living in New York State. Brrrrrrr…… Your hair looks fabulous by the way and I love that plaid coat on you! You are a fashion statement there and I’m loving it. May you have a great day and sorry about the tangle with your meds. I hope by now things have smoothed out for you. 💖

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