Orange hat and sunglasses

George is sitting in front of lush vegetation with a waterfall. He is sidewalk in the wheelchair with the front foot on the ground. Wearing an orange hat, bright green shirt, jeans shorts, and flip flops.

It has been awhile, and I apologize. Things have not gone exactly smoothly. After reacting to a new medicine in October, one side effect led to another as I felt like I was on a downward spiral. My multiple sclerosis reared its ugly head, as well. A few weeks ago my doctor and I agreed that it was time to stop all new things and let my body clear itself. It has been slow, but I think we see progress.

I had hoped to be back in the gym and on my bike, but stretching and light exercise are as far as I’ve gotten so far. With spring suddenly here (remember I’m in Florida) I feel better, and the pool will soon be ready. Next week I’m going to get some sun, fresh air, and relaxation. I’ll have new books on my Kindle and audiobooks on my phone. I’m not going to stress over anything. This is it. Do it, George.

Sometimes things go badly. The point is to try and keep our heads clear and our spirits up. Sandy has been my guiding angel. Several of you have done much to help, too. Things are looking better, thank you.

By the way, I realize that clothing combination is not exactly “correct.” Sometimes it is good to simply have fun and disregard what someone else might think. There is a fun person inside all of us just wanting to be given the chance.

And thanks for stopping by. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to share with you. I appreciate your comments, too.

Picture shows George in front of lush foliage with a waterfall. He is wearing an orange hat, brown sunglasses, bright green shirt, jeans shorts, and flip flops. He is sideways in his wheelchair with one foot forward and on the ground.

14 thoughts on “Orange hat and sunglasses

    1. Thank you, Susan. And thank you for the kind words. I’m not too sure about that, but like all of us here, I try. Is it when we are given difficult circumstances that we are also given the chance to be amazing? Thoughts anyone?

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    1. Thanks, Brigid. Indeed it would have been good for St. Patrick’s Day except that it self destructed. It was an active cooling shirt with beads that cool when moist. Something happened and the green came out in streaks. It happened one day when I was wearing it. Fear not, I bought another bright green one!


  1. Oh George I’m glad you’re finally seeing some daylight and that the Spring has perked up your spirits, along with Sandy!! It’s always a good thing to have fun and disregard what someone else might think. You’re here to please you not others…well ok you can please Sandy too she deserves it. I bet getting into that pool will feel good and reading a good book or two or three is always enjoyable. Yes leave the greys of winter behind and embrace the bright warm sunny Spring…let it fill you with enthusiasm and joy!! By the way…look behind you…I do believe there is a lot of orange and green!!! If God thinks Orange & Green are a good combo who are we to argue. 🙂

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      1. Thank you George….you inspire me!! Yay for a great week!! Yeah that would be wonderful to work some weights in, even if it’s just 1 lb…it’s a start and a start is a start!!! Here’s to lifting weights and swimming pools!! 🙂

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  2. I love the color combo George, you fit right in!! I’m glad to hear that while it’s slow going, you’re beginning to feel somewhat better. Also glad to hear it’s springtime in your neck of the woods. Within the next couple of days it’s supposed to go up into the 70s around here and I’m sure many people will be running around in shorts and tank tops. While I won’t be overdressed I’ll wait till we’re in full spring before donning shorts and tanks. If our Groundhog is correct, the weather will dip back down into the lower range a few more times before it’s officially spring. Wishing you and Sandy safe travels and tons of fun on your cruise.

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  3. Aw, George, so sorry to hear all you have been through again. Geesh!!! You look bright enough to light up a dark room! LOL May this Spring be kind to you and give you the ability to get back to the gym. I am finally and I feel yes SORE. BIG (((HUGS))) Amy 🌹

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