Replanting and writing again

Portrait framed photo with newly planted, but large, crotons along the edge of a brick patio with a white, Greek type statue at the far end.I’ve been planting again, and hopefully writing will happen, too. In the post Winter solstice and the patio  I showed some crotons and dusty millers that we put out before Christmas to replace those that died in Hurricane Irma. All except the dusty miller froze out during the record cold that followed.

With the arrival of spring, we are not so pressed for time and have planted the beginnings of a hedge of rosemary. This friendly herb will grow tall, likes the sun, and be tolerant when I don’t get it watered. I hope.Foreground is a brick patio, raised above the lawn, that has planters with hand high rosemary plants. Receeding is an ornamental grass, and at the end a dusty miller plant.

In the front, Sandy and I have been trimming up a potted bush whose name I haven’t a clue. It is green with red blooms and flourishes in Central Florida. In front of it I replaced two red pentas that also died in the freeze. Tall, ornamental green plant with red blossoms in the shape of small trumpets hanging down. Very bottom shows 2 small pentas.

Writing again… I have a “new” writing table. Finding one hasn’t been quick, though I’ve wanted one for some time. My legs just barely fit under it, but how much clearance do I need? They fit. And the table fits the style of our home. It even fit the budget.

So things are happening slowly and, to be inaccurate, surely. Thank you for stopping by. I am always grateful that you did and love for you to make comments.

Off white, antique distressed table. It has 43 shallow drawers and turned wooden legs. On the table are a green desk lamp, writing pad with sharpie, reading glasses, laptop computer, large Donald Duck mug, antique looking magnifying glass, a coaster, and a tray for mail.

Here’s a little smile for those who managed to read this far. It’s a bloom on our magnolia tree, which is just off the patio in the back.

Dark green magnolia leaves surround a large, white bloom.

Top photo: Raised, brick patio with planters along the edge and a Greek style, white statue in the background. Planters contain new crotons, a tall grass, and some dusty millers. Second photo shows the same planters in close up with new, hand high rosemary plants, an ornamental grass, and a dusty miller that survived the freeze. Third photo is a large plant with long green leaves and red, trumpet-like blooms hanging down with 2 small pentas at the bottom. Fourth photo is a writing table, well worn off-white color, turned wooden legs, and 3 drawers. On the table are a writing lamp with green glass shade, writing tablet with Sharpie, reading glasses, laptop computer, large Donald Duck mug, antique style magnifying glass, and a tray for mail. 

25 thoughts on “Replanting and writing again

  1. I love your garden – Spring is delightful isn’t it ? Our colloquialism for that bush (that I also don’t know it’s original proper name )is the Trumpet Bush I think .
    Your office set up is just lovely – that style desk suits my taste too and I’m sure it will help spur many a writing spree .
    Thanks for the magnolia flower 🌷 and I look forward to seeing your Rosemary as it hedges up. Mine is a spreading type that is in the garden and has grown like a maniac and is now flowering .
    Enjoy 😊

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    1. Thanks! Trumpet bush, and as Deb (see above) says it is also a coral honeysuckle. We called it “that green bush with the red.” It is native to the big box hardware store. We put out tiny rosemary plants that have grown wonderfully and filled in with seed that has not done so well. Into one pot I transplanted some old rosemary, and I think it is going to do well.

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  2. So you know me…I looked it up and that red plant is called Coral Honeysuckle and is native to Florida. Here’s the link I read from another Floridian’s post
    Ohhh it must be wonderful to smell the magnolia when in full bloom!! Love the rosemary George, will you use it to cook with? So happy you found a writing table and that it seems to fit all the way around.
    I love seeing all the lush green look forward to seeing that here real soon! Your patio is very inviting…enjoy!! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you for looking up the Coral Honeysuckle. It grows well here. The magnolia is a Little Gem, which is a smaller tree with very large flowers. Yes, we use our fresh rosemary, sage, and oregano for cooking. Thanks, and no doubt you will have lots of green soon!

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      1. Nice to have such fresh herbs!! I just noticed some buds on the willow tree….I love willow trees…been waiting so long for that to come back in bloom…hopefully it will be soon!! 🙂

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      2. Hmmm great question…or the feeling of what the color represents!!! That would be it for me…the feeling. Spring is soooo welcome! I welcome it with arms wide open…hello Spring!!! 😉

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  3. Slow progress is progress, keep pushing forward. Just looking at your photos lifts the spirits. You have a lovely patio and plants, the writing desk is also very nice. How are you feeling George?

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      1. Oh no, I didn’t think you were complaining, just telling it like it is. From talking with you I understand your struggles and as uplifting as you think I am I get the same in return from you. ❤

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