Sun, rain, and bargains

George is in his wheelchair. Blond hair is a bit messed. He is holding a large shopping bag, 2 large black plastic bags, and a large green bag. He is wearing glasses, a blue shirt with white stripes, white shorts, and flip flops.Everyone loves a bargain, and everyone needs things. Thus arose the outlet mall. In Orlando there is a boulevard call International Drive. It runs from Universal Studios on the north to Sea World on the south.  But there is a spur going east from the north terminus, and that, my friends, is where you’ll find the largest outlet mall in the Southeast.

Sandy and I each needed some shoes. More correctly, she needed shoes and I needed flip flops (plus, of course, an article or two of clothing). The 6 o’clock alarm is silenced at 5:45 and we don’t get an early start. It’s 10:30 when we arrive. Big mistake. We got the last wheelchair accessible space, and it was in a lot at the far end from the shoes.

By 11:30 we had “bought 6 and got 3 free,” but not shoes, and we were at the food court. Breakfast had been skimpy, and there were seats. We opted for Panera. Sandy had salad. I had half a sandwich, a small salad, and a gallon of the ginger, hibiscus, whatever iced tea. Shoes? Well, there’s this shirt in a window and a clattery cart going by. “Go in there,” I called to Sandy over the noise.  Somehow  I managed to emerge with just the shirt. On to shoes.

“Does the buy on, get 60% off the second apply if we buy 4?” A bit later we emerged with the large green bag filled with plastic shoes and flip flops. Then it was on to real shoes for Sandy. One style she liked fit well, the other didn’t. Calling the trip a success, we began the trek back toward the car in the 94 degree (34 Celsius) summer sun.Light green background with large, red print reads, Outlet mall. Got 2 things I needed and 5 things I didn't. Think of the money I saved.

Behold, Nautica. “Can I look in there? We can cool down.” So cooled down and 6 more articles of clothing in the bag, we plunged into the rising heat. Why are outlet malls so hot or so cold? Halfway to the car we encountered Starbucks and a grande, iced green tea.

As we are clearing the heaviest of the metro traffic, there is lightning up ahead. By Lake County, we met the rain. Wow! A good thing happened, though. The rain removed the bugs the $13 car wash had fail to cut.

Before I put any of it away, several things are going to leave my closet. We spent the better part of today in there. At least it was air conditioned and dry.

Thank you for stopping by and joining us in the sun and rain. I love to read your comments.

Pictures: Main picture: George is in his wheelchair looking into a shopping bag. He is holding that bag, 2 large black, plastic bags, and a large green bag. His blond hair is messed. He is wearing glasses, a blue shirt with white stripes, white shorts, and flip flops. Smaller photo: Light green background with large, red print reading, “Outlet mall. Got 2 things I needed and 5 things I didn’t. Think of the money I saved.


17 thoughts on “Sun, rain, and bargains

  1. shopping offline can become more interesting and enjoyable the less often you get to do it, it seems to me. so today my adventures here were a thrift store benefiting local pets alive charity, and a dollar store. just nice to browse and look around all sorts of curious little things. got a few gladiolis and wildflower seeds and a few decor things for bathroom, plenty of browsing satisfaction and as usual enjoyment of observing random people. a guy in front of me bought 39 cans of mackerel and the cashier was curious about that (why not? body builder so good food for him). and guessing things about other passengers in the bus. while airport people watching is always fun, buses are pretty cool too as people donʻt do small talk so you can just guess based on their air or what they say or mikght look like what they do and so on. 🙂

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    1. I love your term, shopping offline. Aside from groceries, we do less and less of it. And here is one of the reasons why… We have to go back. Issues with a shirt and mis-marked shoes.
      People watching is a skilled sport. We do it at Target and Disney. (Target and Disney in the same sentence?) As for the mackerel, to each his own. I’d rather take fish oil or flaxseed capsules. Seeds are good and fun to watch grow. 🌻


      1. you’ve never tried freshly caught mackerel… so delicious. i’ve fished for it a few times in Ireland, with good results so it was also lovely to give the extra fish (even cleaned and gutted) to friends and whoever might enjoy some.
        also yummy freshly smoked or grilled

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  2. I agree with what topsyjkv said – I have to take breaks when shopping too, and take lots of fluids. I tend to find I’m usually freezing cold but I know in the summer it can get stuffy hot and that really makes going around shops and such very difficult! That iced drink sounds like it would have been very much needed xx

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  3. I can definitely relate to this George! We’ve been to that outlet mall and I remember well ducking into stores to get out of that oppressive heat. The rain storm brought back memories too. On the day we moved to Florida we were greeted by a torrential downpour. The rain was so heavy everyone was pulled over on the side of the interstate to wait it out.😊 Of course, that wasn’t the last time that happened….😄

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