it’s the humidity

The classic American summer begins on Memorial Day (May 30) and ends on Labor Day (early September), which puts the Fourth of July pretty much in the middle. Close up of a huge, yellow sunflower. Yellow petals with an amber center.
Mix Florida with July 4th, and the result is a hot day. The forecast for Florida every day, every summer is the same: 90’s and thunderstorms.

One summer we went to Las Vegas. “It won’t be hot here because the humidity is low.” It was hot.

There is a point to all this. For many of us who are heat sensitive, whether it be due to multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, paralysis, or any number of chronic diseases, summer can be a difficult time. “Do you want to meet on the patio at the Crooked Can about 5:30?” In hopes of a miracle, I check the forecast. “I’d love to if we could make it later. Say October?”

So when those of us in your group of summer loving, heat wilting friends seem to be in hibernation, we actually are. Unlike Las Vegas, however, it is not hot in Florida. “It’s not the heat; it’s the humidity.”

On this auspicious American holiday I thank you for stopping by. The air conditioner is humming along nicely, and the thunderstorm missed us, so all is well. I love your comments. What are your thoughts on summer?

Picture: Close up of a huge sunflower. It has yellow petals and an amber center.


18 thoughts on “it’s the humidity

  1. Here in España the temps are hitting the mid to high 40’s °C, so I’m very grateful for having a pool that I can use and the fact we live in a wind tunnel, even though I get very fed up of the wind. If I do have to go somewhere I need lots of tissues, hankies, whatever to mop up the sweat. When i get back home first thing I do is get into pool, it refreshes me, eases my fatigue and my pain. Every home should have one lol.

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    1. That is indeed hot. How’s the humidity? lol We used to have a pool, and I tend to agree with you, though Sandy feels the opposite. The trek to the community pool, which is nice, gets hot. Stay cool and hydrated.


      1. Humidity is normally low, much lower than I was used to in UK. Pool fantastic as can RIP in and out as often as I like, plus now have outdoor shower so dry off in sun, no exhausting rubbing dry with towel.
        We drink lots and like the Spanish avoid the sun in hottest part of the day

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  2. The UK has had it’s hottest spell in decades. I love the heat because my arthritis aches a little less. However I haven’t seen much of it due to Ida. We only g for walks early mornings or after sunset.
    I hope you and Sandy are well? 🙂

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  3. I’ve no qualms with summer as long as it’s, say, in or around 75 degrees or so and preferably without humidity. It gets pretty humid here in Pittsburgh although I’m sure our summer is nothing like Florida.

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