Sandy, there’s no floor here!

Large, round sign that reads S P R Coffee against a green background.“Sandy, there’s no floor here!” I opened the door of the state-of-the-art elevator and found only a metal grate, through which I could see the floors below.

Taiwan is an island nation south of Japan. The island’s previous name, Formosa, is Japanese for beautiful island. I don’t know why I panicked in the coffee shop.

An urban park. The foreground is grass, followed by a small stream lined with river rocks, and beyond are more park and then skyscrapers in the distance. To the right is a foot bridge on which is visible a man doing Tai Chi.Across the city of Kaohsiung is a small chain of American-themed coffee shops called SPR Coffee. They are ornate and have a retro atmosphere. On the walls are photos, posters, and signs from the 1940’s and 50’s. Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones, and Harry Connick, Jr. emanate from the elaborate sound system. Coffee is ground in a huge, elaborate grinder and is always freshly brewed. They do food from hot sandwiches to Eggs Benedict. The shop near my family’s home takes 3 floors of a modern building across from a park.

Guests use ornate stairways, but there is an elevator for wheelchair users. It sits prominently near the lobby area and is a plexiglass tube. A barista showed me how to operate it and invited me to use it as needed throughout my stay in Kaohsiung. You’ve used the pneumatic tubes that connect bank drive-throughs to the main building. This is the exact same thing, only it will lift an adult using a manual wheelchair. It is swift and quiet.

On our first trip, we sat in the second floor cafe. The coffee and sandwiches were tasty and aromatic. We vowed to return, and return we did. Only this time we elected to try the third floor. That is where I nearly lost it.

In the center is the elevator. It has a blue, steel frame with a clear tube and a door. It is just large enough to carry a wheelchair. To the right is a young man with glasses, a navy shirt, and jeans. On the left are posters and pictures on the wall.As Sandy made her way up the steps, I was whisked quickly upward. I opened the door, began to roll out, and panicked. “Sandy, there’s no floor here!” All I found was an open, wrought iron pattern of elaborate, curving lines. My casters, the small wheels in the front of the chair, would fall right through those openings! I don’t do well with heights and balconies, except on a ship. Looking though the grate disoriented me.

“It’s fine. Come on out,” Sandy assured me. “But there’s no floor!” “It is plexiglass,” as she walked across it.

Sometimes things, are better than we might think. When scared, I made the matter out to be worse than it was. In fact, it turned out okay. This is the case with so many things in our lives. Bad things turn out for the best if we have faith and keep trying.

Expect the best, and prepare for the worst.

Thank you for stopping by. I apologize for having not written in a few weeks. Sandy and I did a 30 day detox. We have reset our brains and cooking back to healthy and nutritious. Much of what we are eating is organic. I’ve resumed doing free weights and have added some new things for arm and wrist strength.

Comments are welcome and appreciated. I wish you all the best. For those who have been in the bitter cold, Sandy and I care and hope you get an early spring.

Photo descriptions: The main picture is a round sign that reads SPR Coffee against a green background. Second picture is an urban park. The foreground is grass, followed by a small stream lined with river rocks, and beyond are more park and then skyscrapers in the distance. To the right is a foot bridge on which is visible a man doing Tai Chi. The third picture shows the elevator in the center. It has a blue, steel frame with a clear tube and a door. It is just large enough to carry a wheelchair. To the right is a young man with glasses, a navy shirt, and jeans. On the left are posters and pictures on the wall.

27 thoughts on “Sandy, there’s no floor here!

    1. Thank you so much. We usually are careful with our food choices, but had gotten off track. We try to eat cleanly with 2 free meals per week. It had been reversed lately. My new lab numbers blew my doctor away!


  1. It’s like a sci-fi tube, to shoot you up into the air! Wow, my tummy wouldn’t have coped well opening out onto that floor either, George. Even without wheels, I wouldn’t have been too thrilled to walk across plexiglass, but I like the segue there; things can turn out better than we imagine, we need to keep the faith. I wondered where you’d disappeared to, but I’ve seen you liking odd posts and hoped you were taking a little break from writing, which you have been, to rest and recharge. I hope the new exercises you’ve added can help with wrist and arm strength, and the nutritious food sounds like an excellent routine to get back into (and one I should be doing too as I’ve not felt well enough or had the energy to eat much or well the past couple of weeks). I hope you and Sandy are both well and feeling relaxed with less stress 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks for caring and the support! This plan was supposed to improve one’s energy, but I felt sluggish. Typical of me, things do the opposite. Everything else improved significantly.
      We usually eat properly with a couple of free meals a week, like pizza or McD’s. We had gotten off track, though. This month we had no caffeine, dairy, or gluten. I haven’t had a Coke Zero in 5 weeks! lol

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      1. Crikey – I have a Pepsi Max addiction (worse things to have, I suppose) and can’t imagine going 24hrs without it, let alone 5 weeks. You’ve done well! I think it’s more common than one realises that the ‘standard’ approach for something can do the opposite. Soluble fibre, for instance, and all things like flax seeds are supposed to help with your tummy, yet it did the opposite and made me a lot worse. You have to find what works best for you, but I’m glad that other than the sluggishness everything else improved, that’s a good start! 🙂

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      2. Pepsi Max; I hear you! I do Coke Zero. About twice a day! Maybe if a person’s “systems” are working “normally,” he/she can expect normal results. When we are outside that so-called normal, it seems reasonable that we should expect our own results.
        I don’t even have a normal kind of Multiple Sclerosis!

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  2. Thank you for another wonderful tour, George! That elevator sounds amazing, but I probably would have reacted the same way you did when those doors opened…. You make such a wonderful point about our fear making things appear worse than they actually are sometimes. I guess that’s why it’s so important to face our fears – in doing so, we find out what we were so scared of wasn’t as bad as we thought…. Wishing you and Sandy all the best!

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  3. You have me thinking about our fears. Maybe we also need to differentiate between what we can or must confront and let the others go. For example, I have to face the uncertainty and progression of MS, but I don’t have to face riding on a roller coaster. Thoughts?


  4. Oh wow you went to Taiwan? Hope you had a fabulous trip! I would have been scared just like you were, my stomach would have done a flip flop and I would have panicked!! I certainly overreact to situations quickly most of the time before realizing it’s going to be ok. I would like to stop doing that, in fact I’m working on trying to be more at ease and not so uptight and rigid! Love your new lifestyle diet, I try to buy as much organic food as I can, and cleaners and wherever else I can sneak in organic, I do. Glad to hear you are working with the free weights again, hope you are feeling well!! Say hi to Sandy. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Deb. I’ll agree relaxing isn’t too easy. I don’t like to be pushed and don’t like pressure. (Except in the shower.)
      We need to look for safer cleaning products, too. All these chemicals can’t be good for us.
      We have been to Taiwan twice. Our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson live there.
      Take care!

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  5. Good for you, George, for you and your wife getting back to healthy. As one who eats healthy and yes exercises, I can tell you it is worth it. As for freaking …. we all do that. Even in those moments if we calm ourselves we can see the good within those moments. Really enjoyed your post. Thank you!! 🦋🦋🦋

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      1. We only eat at home, George. I am unable to eat out at all these days which is I admit limiting but ….. I can no longer eat foods unless they are pure and prepared in a certain way. For the first time in years, real health is coming into my body. Most people are not willing to go to the lengths I do to get well and stay well. I’ve been through the wringer with health and so now take everything regarding health with a hugely grateful HEART.

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  6. Just a little PS. I noticed a new post from you so I saved it to read this afternoon, but now it’s disappeared. Just a heads up incase you’ve not intentionally deleted it!
    Hope you’re keeping as well as possible, George 🙂
    Caz x

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    1. Thank you so much. I took it down. Sandy and I worked together on that piece and thought it was pretty good. Maybe I came on too strong. Maybe people didn’t like the message. Whatever, it got a Like and Comment from 1 person and from 2 Likes on Twitter.

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      1. Oh no, I’m sorry. I didn’t get to read it! It’s sad to think you have to take something down because others didn’t like it; I’m sure you weren’t insulting, so you should be able to post whatever you want as it’s your own blog, your own space in the blogging world and you should do as you wish. Don’t let others make you feel that you can’t. Just my thoughts..xx

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