Waiting for a turtle

6 large bottles of spring water. In the foreground are an aluminum Florida Gators glass, a large, clear glass with beach chairs, and a stack of red, plastic cups.

The monster turtle

Have you ever waited for a turtle? A turtle that you can’t see but are told it is big and mean and getting bigger and meaner? And it’s going to walk right over your house? The turtle has a name – Dorian. It is a big hurricane that formed in the Atlantic ages ago and has been taking its sweet time on its trek. The forecast track put my house directly in Turtle Dorian’s path. We’ve been preparing for days.

I’ve experienced hurricanes that came too close, some that missed entirely, and too many tropical storms to mention. Only once was I scared, and that was during Charley, which came through at over 100mph in the middle of the night. All that having been said, never turn your back on a tropical system. But how slow can this thing move?

We are already stocked up with food that can be eaten cold, water, flashlights, a lantern, and numerous batteries. Over the past few days we’ve gassed the car, filled the bathtub with water, bolstered the supply of protein bars, and bought the most important thing to anyone who has weathered out one of these storms – comfort foods, aka snacks. Still waiting for the turtle. Snack and comfort food. A large box of Corn Chex, a huge jar of cheese puffs, tack chips, and powdered sugar donuts.

It’s looking the other way

Yesterday the National Hurricane Center began moving the forecast track of Turtle Dorian to the east. They admit they really don’t know. We are told that Central Florida can “stand down.” We are getting missed? Maybe. Tropical storm, but likely no more. We shall see.

I ask you a question: What should we do with all those bags of goodies? Do we wait for Dorian? Do we put them back in case the next turtle is more of a hare? Do we dutifully eat the stuff we’d normally not buy? Meanwhile, I think it’s time for a protein shake.

Where have you been, George?

Please accept my apology for being somewhat absent, both from writing and commenting you your blogs. I’m working to catch up. My family lives in Taiwan and is home for a month most summers. Plans got a little crazy, but the result was that I got to spend some quality time with my 6 year old grandson! Splash pads, coloring, LEGO’S, and chicken restaurants with indoor playgrounds. We built a robot “Daddy” with LEGO’S and put a tree on his head. Laughed ’till we cried!

Thank you for stopping by. I always appreciate your Likes and Comments. But what are we to do with all that comfort food if the turtle stays out in the ocean?

Images: Main photo: 6 large bottles of spring water. In the foreground are an aluminum Florida Gators glass, a large, clear glass with beach chairs, and a stack of red, plastic cups.  Second photo:Snack and comfort food. A large box of Corn Chex, a huge jar of cheese puffs, tack chips, and powdered sugar donuts.

18 thoughts on “Waiting for a turtle

  1. I really hope the hurricane passes by without any trouble for anyone and that you and Sandy stay safe ♥️ I would wait until the storm has been and then relax and enjoy your snacks if you haven’t had to use them before that xx

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  2. I’m with Katie on eating the snacks George! I mean, after all, who’s going to eat them if you guys don’t? Praying you and Sandy stay safe throughout the storm. I’m glad you got to spend some time with your family. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time! Hunker down and stay safe my friend.

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    1. First the Hurricane Center said it would dissipate north of the Bahamas. Then they had it coming inland through here. Now it’s the most powerful hurricane ever measured in that part of the Atlantic, and they think at least it won’t come directly inland. I’m with you, don’t want to be in this guy’s path.


    1. Thank you! The latest guess has it skirting the entire east coast, even up into Canada. We are hundreds of miles away and are getting a few outer bands of rain. I’m with you, hoping it goes out to sea.


  3. George, I’ve missed you!
    Yikes, I can only imagine how scary it is to go through hurricanes and near misses. We’re lucky in the sense that those don’t pay a visit to the UK. Neither does the sun. I’m glad you were/are as prepared as possible though. ‘Better safe than sorry’, as the saying goes.
    It’s lovely you got to spend some time with family, I bet your grandson kept you busy and gave your chuckle muscles a good work out!
    As for the food and drink… it would be rude not to eat and drink it all as a farewell-Dorian send-off, comfort food first 😉
    Caz xx

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    1. Hi Caz! I am woefully behind. We seem to be all dressed up and nowhere to go. The National Hurricane Center said that a few days ago it missed the track by 150 miles. With businesses closed and ready, did I get caught up? I took a nap. At least my writing table is mostly cleared off, and progress will begin soon! Thanks for the kind words.

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  4. Hey George, I’m so glad Dorian missed you guys. I can’t imagine what it’s like weathering a tropical storm or hurricane as we only get remnants whenever one moves far enough up the east coast. The last one we had, geez, it was years ago (I think maybe Hurricane Ivan), caused a great deal of rain and subsequent flooding which we’ve not seen since the great flood of 1936. But don’t quote me on this because, you know, I’m very memory-challenged. As for the snacks, if perchance you and Sandy put them away for another rainy day I’d be happy to take them off your hands.

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  5. Thanks, Steph! Let’s see… We ate all the donuts and most of a big jar of cheese puffs. I opened the pretzels last week. I think we still have a few Chex left in a food storage bag. The grocery owns this stuff. We buy it, and it now owns us. Next time I’m going to buy a gallon of M&M’s and 4 bags of donuts.


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