The blog that didn’t happen

No pictures? Why not?

I have not written in awhile, and for that I apologize. I seem to either run out of energy or run out of time. Today I was going to write an impromptu piece about our day in the Magic Kingdom. I downloaded the photos, put them in the album Christmas 2019, and started. WordPress will recognize everything taken prior but not anything from yesterday. It won’t access Sandy’s or my pictures. We didn’t even use the same brand of camera! So until I can figure that out, Christmas in the Magic Kingdom blog “ain’t happening.” And I “ain’t a happy camper” right now. If you have suggestions of what to do please comment. They will not load to Google Photos, either. Thanks!!!

PT and OT need to be done, so I’ll go do that and try this again later. Thanks for your patience. Love you all. – George, aka @grector71

26 thoughts on “The blog that didn’t happen

  1. Aww noooo, it’s frustrating when WP is so glitchy. I don’t tend to put pictures into the media part, I just upload directly in the block. Does it allow you to do that, to upload an image within the post you’re writing if you’ve saved the pic to a folder on your desktop?
    I also had to Google Magic Kingdom as I didn’t realise it was Disney! Looking forward to seeing those pics!! xx

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    1. Thanks! I click Media, then Add New, select the album where they are, and it shows me all the pictures prior to yesterday but only 1 from yesterday. Very strange. I have an inquiry on the WordPress customer help. They have been good before. – Yes, Magic Kingdom was Walt’s dream when he realized Disneyland in California was too small, and he didn’t have enough room. Trivia. lol

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  2. I so feel your pain George – I have had disappointing times when the excitement of getting a post ready is crushed under the weight of pernicious technology !!! I am still in the middle of sorting out a new web hosting company and email etc etc but it’s taken low priority to studying and moving .
    I am, though, itching to get back into blogging and hope to sort it over the holidays.
    Merry Christmas to you and Sandy,

    Leanne ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ’–

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  3. Hey George, I so feel your pain and hope that everything is now resolved. Technology can be so marvelous when it works but when it doesn’t? Well, we all experience this frustration. Merry Christmas to you and Sandy!!๐ŸŽ„

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