On the 35th day it rained

In the foreground are a small, low bistro table and 2 chairs. Behind is a very wet screen. And further back are a wet, brick patio with blue and white Adirondack chairs, a white statue, and in the very back an elm with new green leaves.

Has it been 29 days since the last entry here?

I fear I’ve let time slip away during this time of Staying Home. I’ve tried to stay up to date on my Instagram account (@grector71). I’m behind on reading blogs but have been working on it. Mostly Sandy and I have kept the house neat and clean (Yes!) and read books with our Kindles out on the patio in the fresh air.

Back to my photography roots

I have been learning about finding our passions. We each need to feel passionate about something. Priority for me has always been my family and friends. After that my passion is photography. At one time my camera bag weighed 17 pounds (7.7 kg). That was long ago before MS, paraplegia, and the ever present, trusty wheelchair. Since the move to Florida, my 5 ounce camera has sufficed. In an audioblog I listened to last November, the advice was to rekindle our passions by returning to our roots, where we first started. Go back to that and know the joy all over again.

I recalled the thrill of my first 35mm camera, how it felt in my hands, and the moments I was able to capture. Then a few years later came my first SLR. I looked at some of the photos I made with a small zoom and realized my joy of photography again. The pictures taken up close, where the subject feels personal. The street photography that is so much fun. And thus began the search for the perfect retro, digital camera. Retro and digital in the same sentence? It was not an easy task.

I almost settled a couple of times but remembered how long I had saved to buy those first good cameras and stayed patient. On my desk is a not so expensive black and silver toy that looks like my first rangefinder and can be operated exactly like my first SLR. I can use the viewfinder or the screen depending on what glasses I’m wearing and the light. It just feels good in my hands. So here I sit, cruise cancelled, Staying Home. On Day 35 it rained. First time in over a month. Aha! A new subject has appeared. Water!

Stay safe, my friends

Please stay safe. Follow the guidelines of your area. I’m more than ready for the Caribbean as opposed to my elm tree. I know you have your own “elm” and are ready, too. What have you been doing? Do you have plans?

Thank you for stopping by. Your presence is always appreciated, and comments are welcome. Blessings.

– George

Picture description:  In the foreground are a small, low bistro table and 2 chairs. Behind is a very wet screen. Further back are a wet, brick patio with blue and white Adirondack chairs, a white statue, and in the very back an elm with new green leaves.

19 thoughts on “On the 35th day it rained

  1. Hey George, it’s so good to hear from you via a blog post. Is it really hot in your neck of the woods? It’s been pretty chilly here requiring my parka and makes me wonder when spring will really arrive. Keep sharing your lovely photos. Be safe.

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    1. It’s been sunny, too dry, and has ranged between pleasant and hot. Cameras are becoming either expensive and large or small. Lots of people just use their phones. Looking forward to seeing your photos. 😎


  2. You are so right to make the most of a tough situation. It is a chance to get in touch with one’s basic self. I have heard a person counsel the benefits of “exercising self caring agency.” Your return to photography is an example and inspiration. Well done!!!

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  3. I’m glad you and Sandy have been keeping safe and sound at home.

    I’ve been busy trying to catch up, having lost so much time with being unwell and getting what feel like non-stop migraines, so I’ve not got to that point doing things other than the basics yet. BUT, I am hoping to soon. More of a spring clean first, and then hopefully trying to rediscover some of the enjoyment I’ve lost along the way. I don’t find joy in any of the things I used to, which I’ve been told is because of depression but who knows, and I think you’re right with how we need to feel passionate about something. Whether it’s hobbies, a project or a cause, that passion gives us some purpose and meaning and, hopefully, joy. Anyway, enough of my rambling.

    It’s interesting to read about your photographic roots. A 17lb camera bag though, I don’t think I’d be able to lift it! With photography, you’re also sharing that joy with others, which I’ve always thought is such a wonderful thing about it.

    I’ve just tracked you down on Instagram, George. There’s no escaping me!

    Enjoy your time while staying safe. It may not be a cruise but I hope you and Sandy can make the best of the bad times.

    Caz xx

    PS. We’ve had some shockingly nice weather with sunshine and even a little warmth. After two days it was, of course, back to grey skies and rain. Let’s hope there are more dry days and sunshine ahead for all of us!

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    1. Thank you so much. I’m glad you “tracked me down” on Instagram. I’m delighted, in fact. And honored. We have a list for tomorrow. I put your name on it, so there is a chance I will send you a private message about what you wrote today. -G

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  4. Good to read your post. I have been working on my braille transcriber course and the hubs is redoing our kitchen cabinets. Nothing too passionate about those things but we do look forward to the day when we can safely travel again! Glad you are enjoying photography and reading. Stay well.


  5. I am glad you are keeping okay and reigniting the passion you once had. I am also glad some rain has brought you some joy. It it the little things in life that can sometimes be the best ❤ Stay safe, well and happy.

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  6. Thank you! I think at this point we have taken 4 steps back, and I’d like to try going only 2 steps forward. Everything is quieter. The air is clear with much lower humidity. Smiles are genuine. Blessings, my friend. 😎


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