“f/8 and be there”

Close up of a guard outside Buckingham Palace. He is wearing a red coat and black Bearskin Hat.

What this quote means to us

f/8 is a camera setting that will put most of the picture in focus, and that is as much about photography as you will find in my comments today. Let’s talk about people.

In the 1930’s and 40’s there was a freelance newspaper photographer who called himself Weegee. He took amazing street pictures. When asked how he set his camera to get such good photos, Weegee replied, “f/8 and be there.” His point was that the difference was not about the camera at all. What mattered was that he was there!

Being there

We are currently in a time when many of us are staying home. Sandy and I are in Week 11. The house is not super clean, just normal. We’ve restrained online buying but still get about 3 deliveries a day. I’m still way behind in blogging, and for that I again apologize. I took an over the counter vitamin supplement that revs the auto-immune system. This is something I do a few days before flying or before a cruise and have never had a problem. I went too long and revved the system enough to wake the sleeping giant, my MS. Not a good move on my part.

Sandy and I are working together, helping one another, being there for each other. “Being there.” Many of us, that includes You, are spending time online supporting one another with Likes or longer Comments.

Does it matter that I spend most of my day in my wheelchair or sometimes wear tinted glasses inside? Or go barefooted because I can’t stand shoes? Does Sandy care? Do YOU?

Something it took awhile to learn

When I first started using a wheelchair I thought everyone would watch me and stare. I was right, they do. Would they serve me in a restaurant? What would happen in a store? Will my friends still be my friends?

They will, and they are. The one who was most aware of the ever present chariot was me. Guess what! I began to like my chair. It got me places and made me stand out. The stares turned out to be interest in my uniqueness. I wasn’t like everybody else, and it was good, not bad.

You are more than enough

So what does the picture of the guard at Buckingham Palace have to do with this? Sandy and I were in London during the Paralympics. (Didn’t have a ticket but did get to see Sailing in Weymouth.) I had a fairly new camera with lots of setting and was getting some good photos – until the battery ran down just as we arrived at Buckingham Palace. What???? Where is the spare battery? Back at the hotel.

Sandy’s camera was automatic and ran on AA batteries. Readily available. It was simpler than mine, but it was there. Its batteries were there. So we shared her smaller, red one whilst my black one rode along around my neck. The above photo was taken with her camera. It was there.

That, my friends, is what we need to remember. f/8 and be there. Nothing else matters. Wheelchair? Be there. Gray hair? Be there. Not perfectly thin? Be there. Crutches? Be there. White cane? Be there. What matters is You. We don’t have to be the fastest runner, the strongest swimmer, or the model showing off a long, long skirt. We are enough. You are enough. The point is to be there.

Thank you for stopping by and putting up with my rambling on a Saturday afternoon. I am thankful that you are there, and I appreciate your Comments and Likes. Catching up is high priority this week. – George

Picture description: Close up of a guard outside Buckingham Palace. He is wearing a red coat and black Bearskin Hat. Please help me a bit… I attempted to insert alternate text in the photo and am not sure if I succeeded with the new WordPress system. If someone would let me know, I’d be grateful. Thanks.

22 thoughts on ““f/8 and be there”

    1. Thank you, Leanne. I understand and agree with you. We have to motivate each other, participate however we can, and remember that we are of value to others. Those are things we all occasionally forget. 😎


  1. Being that I will not live in fear, George, I have been out of my home throughout this mess we are currently living in. I too live with “disabilities” but that won’t stop me. I have a 99.9% of surviving this virus which means I will have herd immunity. And if I would perchance die, I win there too. Then I leave this mad world and go HOME. It’s all in the perspective. SMILE!


  2. My wife and I are vulnerable in multiple categories, and this would be fatal for either. We need to get people back to work because millions are suffering. The problem is that so many people are not wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Whilst they might be in the 99% and not care, they might well be carriers. We actually went to the grocery, 3 in fact, and found only half the people practicing anything that resembled safe procedures. We watched for about 20 minutes at each, came home, and paid the piper for delivery – again. By all means get out, but please be mindful that masks and distancing are a courtesy to others.


  3. This is such a fantastic post George! Sorry I’m so far behind reading blogs, but I’m glad I didn’t completely miss this one! What you’re talking here is so important; I think people often underestimate the importance of just being there for one another. We put so much emphasis on doing or saying ‘the right thing,’ wearing the ‘right’ clothes, fitting in, etc., feeling like we have to be perfect or just like everyone else to fit in. As you pointed out, though, being there is what’s really important. Thanks for a beautiful reminder!


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