A day at Christmas

A very large topiary of Mickey Mouse pouring water into a large jug with water then cascading down other containers. He is wearing a red Santa hat with a white, fur band. There are planters of poinsettias beside and a tree, still with leaves, behind.What do you do when you are married to your best friend, have the things you truly need, and Christmas is coming? What do I buy for Sandy? What does Sandy buy for me?

It wasn’t so hard when we were friends in college. We didn’t have any money, so we each bought a simple, thoughtful gift. Then came the years when we worked downtown and had the ability to shop alone. The gifts expanded. Things began to change when we moved into our own office, worked together, and were blessed with a child.

Neither of us had the opportunity to shop alone, and neither of us really needed much. Thus was born the Day Together at Christmas. Each year we took a day off, and while our son was in school we went for a day together. We helped each other select a personal Christmas gift. It was a magical day to which we both looked forward each year. Time together, a nice lunch, and the fun of shopping together. “You would look really good in this.” “Would you like to have that Snoopy sweater?” George is sitting in front of a display of large tree ornaments and is surrounded by rotted poinsettias and other blooming flowers. He is wearing a green shirt, jeans, white Converse shoes, and a tan visor.

Sandy is standing between, slightly to the front of, 2 snowmen. Each is made of white and red balls. The female has a red hat, and the male has a black top hat. Sandy is wearing a green top, white jeans, and blue skimmers.The Day Together continues. Saturday we went to Disney Springs, and it was a wonderful day. Warm and sunny. Lunch outside at Blaze Pizza. We split a nice salad and a small pizza. We drank Coke Zero, watched the people, and listened to the joyful music and chatter of thousands of tourists. And just talked with each other about Christmas and nice things.

Then it was off to walk (and roll) around and enjoy the holiday decorations. There is a huge Christmas tree in the square that is without a doubt the most marvelous Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. Huge balls, each lighted by an Edison bulb, prisms, and mirrors make the tree unique.The top portion of a large Christmas tree rising above the rooftops. It has massive ornaments lit with Edison light bulbs. At the top of the photo, in the foreground are two palm fronds from a nearby tree.A couple of times we stopped and enjoyed the day in the sun. As we were headed toward the car in the late afternoon, I saw a new stand that I wanted to visit. Thirty minutes later it was starting to get dark, so we decided to stay and see the lights. Back to Blaze Pizza! (We like their pizza!) After looking at the lights, which were reminiscent of the small towns in which we grew up, we headed home. Long, long day. Together at Christmas. With all else put aside, we gave ourselves the best gift of all, a day together to celebrate our lives together and the blessings of this amazing season.

I wish each of you a Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmas. May you be blessed with joy and love.

Pictures: Top photo is a large topiary of Mickey Mouse. He is pouring water into a large jug. The water is then cascading from container to container. He is wearing a red Santa hat with a white, fur band. Photo on the left is Sandy sanding in front of 2 large snowmen. They are made of white and red balls. The female has a red hat, and the male has a black top hat. Sandy is wearing a green shirt, white jeans, and blue skimmers. Photo on the right is George sitting in front of some large tree ornaments and surrounded by potted poinsettias and other blooming plants. He is wearing a green shirt, jeans, white Converse shoes, and a tan visor. Fourth photo is the top portion of a large Christmas tree rising above the rooftops. 


Better times

It is an old photo that I’d found, taken in the 1950’s in London. This reminds me of a quieter time, people feeling safe. It also reminds me of a time in my life when I felt vulnerable, criticized. There is no utopia, neither now nor in the past. It is a reminder to accept our blessings and know that we have a future as individuals and together.

To those of you in the cold and snow, please continue to be vigilant and safe. I understand and care.

Thank you for reading as I ramble through life on wheels. As you can see, it’s not all about wheels, but more about life.

Picture is an old black and white street scene taken on a bridge in London. There are only a few people, walking on a snow packed sidewalk. There is a black car piled high with snow and a double decker bus in the background.

Winter solstice and the patio


Earlier this year I wrote about the empty pot and suggested we should view the full ones instead. The empty pots By the end of summer and damage to the plants in Hurricane Irma there was almost nothing left. All the pots were empty. The winter solstice here in Florida means a time of cooler weather and a break from the seemingly endless summer. We used this time to plant anew. Even added a fresh coat of paint to the old lawn furniture.

fullsizeoutput_173bAs the days get longer I’m hoping to make more progress in working through my arm and shoulder woes, get through the reaction to a prescription med, and begin to feel almost human again. Like the new plantings in the old pots, this is the time to grow again.

The flowers were available when we first planted, but they were not a really good idea. They were delicate in the heat and attracted bees to which I am highly allergic. Now we have colorful perennials that should  take the heat and the cold and be okay if (when) I miss a day of watering.


We still have the aloe, rosemary, and oregano, as those perennials literally weathered the storm. And in the front of the house the small rose is blooming.

As I was watering this morning, a songbird landed in the top of the elm and began singing. (Does anyone know what this bird is? White tip tail; I think it might be a mockingbird, as is sounds very much like a sparrow.) In Florida the beginning of winter was a new beginning on the patio and I hope in my life. fullsizeoutput_173a

My family will be arriving from Taiwan just before Christmas. Sandy and I are excited beyond words and feeling truly blessed. We wish all of you the joy of Christmas. Thank you so very much for stopping by and for your support. You are awesome!

Media: The top photo shows 3 small and 1 large planter with a red, ornamental grass, colorful crotons, and a tall tai plant; green bushes a behind. Below on the right is the edge of the brick patio with planters of grasses and crotons leading to the statue (her name is Gina) that has graced our patio for years. Then below on the left is the truck planter now planted with succulents. Center are the herbs, aloe plant, and the rose that is beside the front walkway. The final picture is a songbird in the top of a drake (Chinese) elm that has mostly lost its leaves for the winter. The bird is gray with white on the breast and has white on the tips of the tail that can be seen in flight.



Coats in the closet


I love winter clothes. I’m in heaven when the Bean winter catalog arrives. The problem is  that I intensely dislike winter. That little incident with the ice and the spinal cord notwithstanding, winter is not my thing.

When we get an occasional cold spell (near Orlando, Florida) I head to the coat closet. Now comes the problem. Which coat? We have about 10 cold days a year, so I have to be prepared. So here I am this morning, sitting in front of an array of choices. The ancient teal one with the purple collar? No, it’s too warm for today. The blue and white striped hoodie? No, it’s better for wind and rain. The blue Mickey Mouse hoodie? Maybe. The polar fleece pullover? Another possibility. Denim jacket? Why do men’s denim jackets have to be made from such heavy material? London Fog? Another one best suited for rain. Canvas pullover?

Ah ha! The plaid pullover! My favorite. The choice is made! Off I go outside. Wait a minute. It’s cold out here. Back inside, coat hung up, I think I’ll slip on a sweater. Now, which sweater????

Thank you for stopping by. I love your comments. It’s been awhile between posts because  it appears I reacted to a new med, and things went downhill for a few weeks. I hope y’all are having a wonderful holiday season.

Picture: George is outside in the sun in front of a background of green trees. From the top down, blonde hair, sunglasses, and the plaid coat. Multicolored, predominately blue and red with a bit of yellow layered over a red tee shirt.